Dr. Janice Armstrong serves as the Creator and Principal Trainer of Cranked Up Cardio

CUC Training Specialist Requirements:

- Also known as D.O.P.E Educators (Developmental, Occupational, Performance, and Empowerment Educators)

- Must be initially an instructor for at least 6 months at other levels of instruction

- Specialists MUST have a previous background in classroom instruction

- Specialists MUST have a sound knowledge of health, wellness and the dynamics of body kinesthetics and function

- Upon required training and approval, Specialists are able to train the Cranked Up Cardio curriculum to Basic, Master and Expert Instructors

- Specialists can have an ACE, AFAA, NASM, or AAAI/ISMA certification or a degree, certification in a healthcare related field, and/or a background in education

- Specialist must attend Train-the-Trainer session, pass the comprehensive test and practicum

- Champion and Master Instructors may qualify

Expert Instructor Requirements:

- Must already be a Cranked Up Cardio instructor

- Is actively holding classes regularly

- MUST audition to gain the title of Expert and can substitute for fitness events in the Principal Instructor’s Absence

Master Instructor Requirements:

- All Master Instructors MUST have an ACE, AFAA, NASM or AAAI/ISMA Certification

- If needed, can substitute as demo instructor for the Expert Instructor

- Upon training, approval, and upgrade fee, Master Instructors can become CUC Training Specialists

Champion Instructors (Cohort I only; Basic Instructor Level II):

- Has all of the privileges on the Basic Instructor

- Has received Master instructor training to build the foundations of their business and leadership as the inaugural cohort

- Serves as mentors for Basic Instructors

Basic Instructors:

- Licensed Instructor to facilitate the CUC format

- Provides empowerment for customers

- Can build independence business opportunities, facilitating CUC and other fitness formats

CrankAmbassadors Program

- Paid investment program to receive business options and training advertisement in regards to business practices in the fitness and wellness industry

- Monthly fee allows for major event discounts, reward for serving as a brand ambassador for CUC.

- Ability to gain referral rewards similar to that of instructors



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