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Cranked Up Cardio® is an ACE, AFAA, NASM, or AAAI/ISMA approved curriculum!!  We are able to train instructors to represent the culture, anywhere in the Nation, live or online!!!  Do you have a love for fitness or dance and want to change lives while you enjoy yourself and develop your business?  Become a part of our team!! ALL INSTRUCTORS GAIN THE FOLLOWING:

- A network of ambitious instructors who love the concept of CUC

- A training that is geared toward preparing your own personal development before venturing to impact others

- A license agreement to function in the business associated with CUC (after the training, a monthly fee of $22.95 is assessed to maintain the agreement and the use of the trademark; however, fees can be reassessed and changed at anytime).

- A mentoring opportunity between Master, Expert, Champion and Basic Instructors to continue to motivate on another as you motivate others

- Various discounts on merchandise and services

- Unique referral rewards program, Cranked Cash, in which you can benefit!!

All instructors, for business purposes must: 

- Obtain, within 3 months of certification, unless hired by an establishment prior to, a CPR/FA certification and liability insurance, as all instructors work as independent contracts in group fitness instruction; instructors may be certified in CUC, but unable to teach without these documents!

- Obtain all other documentation associated with place of hire


 Pricing for 2017 (after 4 February): $199 for Basic Instructor Training Course (6 hours); $239 for Master Instructor Training Course (8 hours); $159 ONLINE training (6 hours); $139 Cranked and Condensed Basic Instructor (Conference) Course (4 hours)

PLEASE NOTE: FULL PAYMENT for the 29 July training is required at registration.  Registration ends 22 July.  


1. Go to the PayPal Website  (

2. If you do not have one already, register for an account. If you have one, log in.

3. Click the “Money” tab at the top of the page

4. Click “Send or Request Money” on the left of the page

5. Click the icon to send money

6. Insert the email address:

7. Click “Next”, enter $119 (before 1 July) or $139 (2-22 July) for the registration amount;

add in the notes “July 2017 CUC training”

8. Click “Continue” and finalize your payment

If you have any questions contact the CUC Network at


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